Pot Wall SconceOur Idea:
I thought how nice it would be if someone would open an Old Fashioned Italian Restaurant, then I thought - Why not Me?

I talked it over with my family (Shari, Allyse, Alex and Alexa) and they all agreed to help. So we got busy turning our idea into reality. Also, I have been blessed with some of the best friends that anyone could have and they all came through in a very big way in helping us get started.
Home Cooking:
I was the last of six children and the only one that wanted to assist my mother with her cooking. So, if you enjoy True Italian cooking (which I learned from my Mother), then Mia Madre Trattoria is worth the visit.

Over the years my mothers house was the favorite of all my friends in the melting pot neighborhood of Brookline.

The Women in My Life:
Mia Madre translates to "My Mother" in honor of Shari's mother Susie Mesko, my mother Mary Molinaro and the Blessed Mother who we owe a lot.

Mary Molinaro Nicholas: Her Friends called her "Shorty" and her grandchildren called her "Nunny." I just called her "My Heart!"

Elizabeth Mesko: Her friends called her "Suzy" and her grandchildren called her "Bubba." I called her the best Mother in Law a guy could ask for and Shari Called her "Mommy."

Our Staff: 
 The wait staff are eager to serve and will make you feel like family.
Most of them are my family.

Our Invitation:
On behalf of our family, we invite your family to stop by and enjoy.

My wife who is Polish and has that very special way of welcoming you into our Trattoria.

Vieni a mangiare - Come and Eat!

Al Nicholas: Proprietor

Nicholas Family Picture

Aunt Shari, Alexa, Allyse, Alex, Uncle Al

Mia Madre Trattoria
649 California Ave.
Pittsburgh, Pa 15202


649 California Ave.
Pittsburgh, Pa 15202



Cuccina Hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday:
4:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Friday and Saturday:
4:00 pm to 9:00 pm


Sundays and Mondays
Available for Private Parties
Both Days


Call For Reservations

Reservations by Phone Only

Contact: Shari & Allyse



649 California Ave.
Pittsburgh, Pa 15202


The restaurant is available for
Private Parties on Sundays and Mondays for events such as:

Bridal Showers

Birthday Parties

Communion Parties

Baby Showers

Wedding Rehearsals

Chamber of Commerce


Lunch Only Available For:
Special Events - Private Parties - After Funerals 7 days a week

Contact: Shari & Allyse

Call: 412-766-6662



We Do Catered Events


Download the Private Party Important Information Sheet

649 California Ave.
Pittsburgh, Pa 15202


extra notes...

BYOB Pricing

Wine: $8.99 per bottle

Beer: $4.99 per person
(Maximum 6 pack)
Coolers larger than a 6 pack prohibited

Cocktails: $6.99 per person
(Maximum 3 cocktails)

Alex our mixologist will be more than happy to make your cocktail for you.

We Are Cash Only

Remember Us for your Catered Events

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